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February 16th 2007

Proceedings of the 15th International Symposium of the IIWC,
Istanbul, Turkey, September 20th 2006


  • David Michelmore - Sustainability and Authenticity in Timber Conservation: Retaining Original Fabric

  • Nobuo Ito - Protecting Cultural Heritage Buildings and Saving Forest Resources

  • Gennaro Tampone, Beatrice Messeri - Compliance of the Ancient Timber Structures Strengthening Practice in Seismic Areas with the Official Documents on Conservation

  • Michela Semplici, Gennaro Tampone - Timber Structures and Architectures in Seismic Prone Areas in the UNESCO World Heritage List


  • Aysil Yavuz - Use of the Vocabulary of Timber Houses in Conserved Areas

  • Cengis Eruzun - Traditional Carpentry and Houses of the Eastern Black Sea Region

  • Rifat Saglam - Structural investigation of timber houses of Suleymaniye and Zeyrek

  • Can Binan - Reconstructions on the Bosphorus

  • Hans Sandstrom - Sustainable Reuse in the Baltik Sea Region

  • Jan Willem van Beusekom - Building in Wood in the Netherlands, from Medieval Times until World War II

  • Dalé Puodziukiené, Giedré Filipaviciené, Giedré-Eleonora Mikneviciené - Preservation of Vilnius Wooden Architecture

  • Antti Pihkala - The Application of Sustainable Conservation Methodologies in Northen Finnish Wooden Buildings

  • Ario Ceccotti, Paolo Faccio, Monica Nart, Carmen Sandhaas, Paolo Simeone - Seismic Behaviour of Historic Timber-Framed Buildings in the Italian Dolomites

  • Antonio Frattari - Traditional Wooden Barns in Trentino: what about the Future?

  • Toshikazu Tsuchimoto - Reuse of Historic Timber Structures for Sustainability via the Exemple of Zenkoji-Temple in Japan

  • Peter Mc Curdy - Historic Reconstructions: Research, Traditional Carpentry Techniques and the Use of Timber

  • Richard Hughes - A General Appreciation of Conserving and Reusing timber Buildings in Earthquake-Prone Areas - with a Case Example from the Northen Areas of Pakistan

  • Tina Wik - Modern Wooden Designs in Historic Environments


  • Mario Li Castri, Tiziana Campisi, Giovanni Fatta - Timber Roofs and Ceiling of the Palatine Chapel in Palermo

  • Pier Paolo Derinaldis, Gennaro Tampone - Rigidity versus Ductility as an Exception in Timber Structures Planning in a Moderately Seismic Area

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