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International Conference on the Seismic Performance of Traditional Buildings
Istanbul, Turkey, Nov.16-18, 2000


Ahunbay, Zeynep (Turkey) President,
ICOMOS Turkey, The Conference in a Turkish Context,

Alemdar, Yesim, & Özlem Parlak, Gonca Büyükmihçi (Turkey),
A Transformative Comparison: Traditional and Contemporary Construction Systems and Earthquakes,

Anadol, K'ksal (Turkey),
Structural Performance of Rural Dwellings in Major Earthquakes Between 1967 and 1977,

Arbabian, Homayoun (Iran),
The Role of Architects in Seismic Design,

Bayülke, Nejat, & Özlem Gencer, Serdal Terzi, Celalettin Basyigit (Turkey),
Impulse Table Test of a Masonry Building with Pumice Briquettes,

Bochoidze, Merab (Georgia), [paper now missing]
Lessons Derived from the Restoration and Consolidation of Historic Buildings (Case Studies: Chazhashi Historic Settlement, Ikorta Church of the Archhangel, Pitareti Monastic Complex),

Brookes, Carl, & Richard Swift (UK),
Numerical Modelling of Masonry to Explore the Performance of Anchor-Based Repair Systems and the Repair of the Monuments in Cairo,

Çakir, Suat & Saadettin Ökten (Turkey),
An Essay on the Application of the Traditional Timber Frame with Stone Filling to Modern Timber Structures,

Cansever, Turgut (Turkey),
Earthquake and Building Technology in Istanbul,

Casnati, Gaianè (Italy),
Armenian Medieval Architecture and Earthquakes; the Archival Work of the University of Venice: a Starting Point for Research, the Case Study of Marmashen, 10th Century Church Near Gyumre, Armenia,

Cengizkan, Ali & Sebnem Yalinay (Turkey),
Earthquakes and Buildings: the Traditional Way of Construction, a Reappraisal,

Çerçi, Serpil (Turkey),
Behavior of Traditional and Modern Buildings in Earthquakes,

Cheung, Kevin (USA),
Multi-Storey, Multi-Family Wood-Frame Construction in the USA,

Cheung, M., & S. Foo,, J. Granadino (Canada),
Seismic Retrofit of Existing Buildings: Innovative Alternatives,

Chidiac, S.E., S. Foo, M.S. Cheung (Canada),
Seismic Guidelines for Stone Masonry Components and Structures,

Childe, Francis (France)
Chief, Section Europe, Asia and the Pacific, UNESCO Division of Cultural Heritage, Welcoming Address,

Çinar, Kerim & Dicle Aydyn (Turkey),
The Sustainability of Cultural Heritage: Two Sample Houses in Konya,

Croci, Giorgio (Italy) ICOMOS Structures Committee
New Technologies to Protect Historic Buildings from Seismic Risks,

Crocker, Ed (USA),
Seismic Retrofits and New Construction: Lessons from the Field,

Diren, Dilek & Dicle Aydin (Turkey),
Traditional Houses and Earthquake,

Dorji Yangki (Bhutan),
Traditional Buildings of Bhutan,

Ekinci, Oktay (Turkey) President, Chamber of Architects of Turkey. From Tradition to the Future,

Erol Karacabeyli (Canada),
Platform- Frame Wood Construction and its Performance in Earthquakes ,

Frattari, Antonio, F. Polverino (Italy),
A Lesson from the Past: the Mixed-Structure Wood-Masonry Used after the 1883 Earthquake of the Ischia Island.,

Fujita, Kaori & Toshimi Kabeyasawa, Hiroshi Koizumu (Japan),
Earthquake Damage Investigation and Micro Tremor Measurement of Mosques and Minaretes, after the 1999 Turkey Earthquakes,

Gori, Roberto (Italy),
Seismic Vulnerability of Masonry Buildings of Diocletian Palace in Split (Croatia),

Gülhan, Demet, Inci Özy'rük Güney (Turkey),
The Behaviour of Traditional Building Systems Against Earthquake and its Comparison to Reinforced Concrete Systems ; Experiences of Marmara Earthquake, Damage Assessment Studies in Kocaeli and Sakarya

Gyurjyan, Gagik (Armenia),
The Seismic Steadiness of Historical and Cultural Monuments of Armenia,

Hughes, Richard (UK),
"Hatyl" Construction In Turkey,

Hughes, Richard (UK),
Cator and Cribbage Construction,

Jigyasu, Rohit (Norway),
From "Natural" to "Cultural" Disaster : Consequences of Post - Earthquake Rehabilitation Process on Cultural Heritage in Maratwada Region, India,

Jurina, Lorenzo (Italy),
Traditional Building of Peru,

Kamaru, Kariuki (Kenya),
Application of Traditional Construction Techniques in Modern Buildings in Kenya,

Kelley, Stephen J. (USA), Predrag Gavrilovic (Macedonia), Veronika Sendova (Macedonia),
Seismic Protection of Byzantine Churches,

Kulguz, O. Behçet (Turkey),
An Earthquake Resistant Eco-House,

Langenbach, Randolph (USA),
The Intuition from the Past: What Can We Learn from Traditional Construction,

Levi, Eti Akyüz, & Aybige Akinci (Turkey),
Earthquake Risk to Traditional Buildings in the Aegean Region,

Lomlu, Erol (Turkey),
Ottoman Stone Minarets in Istanbul and Dynamic Effects,

Luxen, Jean-Louis (Belgium) Secretary General, ICOMOS
Conservation and Rehabilitation of Traditional Buildings: Economic Aspects,

Mehmandarova, Gulnara K. (Azerbaijan),
Construction of Architectural Monuments in Azerbaijan from the end of the 19th to the Beginning of the 20th Century,

Michelmore, David (UK)
President, ICOMOS Wood Committee, the Purpose of the Conference,

Mkrtchyan, Vardan (UK),
The 1988 Giumri (Armenia) Earthquake: Some Thoughts and Conclusions on the Comparative Performance of Traditional and Reinforced Concrete Buildings

Murakami, Yasumichi (Japan),
Lessons in the Strengthening of Historic Buildings from Rescue Projects Following the Great Hanshin Earthquake,

Onat, Saadettin Murat (Turkey),
Metal Plate Connections and New Materials Used in Trusses,

Parsa, Ali R. (Turkey),
A Study for the Sustainable use of Available Traditional Building Stock,

Peev, Konstantin (Bulgaria),
Case Study: Interior Restoration and Renovation of a Public Building in Sofia, Bulgaria,

Pradhan, Riddhi (Nepal),
Seismicity and Traditional Buildings of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal,

Ranjitkar, Rohit (Nepal),
Seismic Strengthening of the Nepalese Pagoda: Progress Report,

Sazanami, H. (Japan),
Japanese Experiences on Seismic Performance of Historic and Traditional Wooden Buildings,

Shakya, Naresh Man (Nepal),
Temples and Buildings Standing over Kathmandu Valley which are Vulnerable to Earthquakes,

Meetu Sharma (India),

Vernacular Housing in Seismic Regions: Performance Evaluation in Case of Chomoli,

Sharpe, Richard (New Zealand),
Earthquake Engineering-A Science or an Art?,

Shrestha, Bijaya K. (Japan),
Building a Disaster Resistant Community in Kathmandu: A Community Based Approach

Soygenis , Sema (Turkey),
Support/infill Post-Disaster Housing: Case Study on Temporary and Permanent Housing,

Sahin, Meltem, & Emre Özkan (Turkey),
Investigation of Connection Types in Conventional Wooden Structures,

Sahin, Soner (Turkey),
Structure of Wooden Houses of Cumalykyzyk, Bursa,

Sentek, Arif (Turkey),
Constraints in Traditional Building Techniques: Architectural Education and Legislation,

Taboroff, June (USA)
International Experience of Disaster Relief and Incentives for Protection of Historic Buildings in Seismic Zones,

Tampone, Gennaro (Italy),
Seismic Performance of the Timber in the Treatises Work ,

Tobriner, Stephen (USA),
Wooden Architecture and Earthquakes in Turkey: a Reconnaissance Report and Commentary on the Performance of Wooden Structures in the Turkish Earthquakes of 17 August and 12 November 1999

Touliatos, P.G. (Greece),
Seismic Disaster Prevention in the History of Structures in Greece,

Touliatos, Panaiotis (Greece),
Design Problems of the Timber Framed Construction in Seismic Zones,

Valencia, Hector Villavicencio & Maria de Guadaloupe Zapeda Martinez (Mexico),
A Method to Evaluate the Effects of Earthquakes in Traditional Architecture in Pacific Coast of Mexico,

Villafranca, Jaime Cama (Mexico),
Problems to be Considered in the Restoration of a Retable,

Waite, Stephen (USA),
Changing Building Owner Attitudes and Perceptions of Sustainable Use of the Existing Building Stock,

Weise, Kai (Nepal),
Supporting and Improving Traditional Building Practices in Nepal through an Integrated and Implementation Oriented Approach,

White, Michael (UK),
Poster Presentation on the Use of the Sibert Decay Detecting Drill,

Yeomans, David (UK),
The Characteristics of Traditional Construction,

Yüceer, Sultan (Turkey),
Minimization of Earthquake Effects by Working on Settling Legislation and Controlling Problems,

Zhiping, Zhang (China),
Traditional Buildings of China and their Performance in Earthquakes,

Hosted by: ICOMOS-TURKEY, ICOMOS International Wood Committee, The Government of Turkey Ministry of Culture

Supported by: UNESCO, The Kress Foundation (New York City), and other donors


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